Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive Super-fine-pitch Coating for housing

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This product is provided in a 30ml syringe container and is compatible with dispenser coating method.


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Smartphone, digital camera and other small electric devices’ housing and LCD bonding.


  • As they cure at room temperature, you can quickly proceed to the next process
  • They chemically react with adherend materials and humidity in the air to provide good heat resistance and other property
  • Its low viscosity enables super-fine-pitch coating(0.2mm or more)
  • They perform superb bonding strength to dissimilar materials
  • Water proof property can be added


Item Unit Hi-PURSHOT 9753 Hi-PURSHOT 4780
Viscosity mPa·s/120℃ Approx. 5,000 Approx. 4,500
Application - Bonding of smartphone housing and various parts
* 1mmØbeads at 23℃
min Approx. 5 Approx. 2
Tg Approx. -23
Pull Elasticity MPa/23℃ Approx. 25 Approx. 20
Pull Failure Strength MPa/23℃ Approx. 5 Approx. 15
Pull Failure Stretch %/23℃ Approx. 1,200 Approx. 1,000
Description - Excellent in shock resistance and bonding strength
Long set time
light shielding, rapid curing,
low elasticity
Packaging - 30ml syringe container

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