Hot Melt Adhesive for Cardboard box sealing

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The hot melt adhesives are used for bonding cardboard box

for Cardboard box sealing

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  • Forming cardboard box for beverage cans, plastic bottles
  • Forming regular slotted cardboard box for food, vegetables, etc.


  • This EVA type solvent-free solid adhesives are environmentally friendly.
  • After heating up to melt the adhesive, bonding process can be completed by coating, pressing and cooling to solidification.
  • We have a product lineup that can fit customers’ process conditions
  • Good heat stability with less carbonization and less stringiness.


Item Unit 9800 9822 9831
Appearance - Light yellow beads White beads
Viscosity mPa·s/180℃ 900 800 700
Set Time s 1 1 to 2
Softening Point 105 100 105
Open Time s 5 to 6
Packing kg 20
Description - Low viscosity, less cobwebbing For high-speed process line, less stringiness Less cobwebbing, good heat stability

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