Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive for Bookbinding

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This adhesive is for adhesion of spines in bookbinding

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  • Compared to conventional EVA type hot melt, these products provide strong adhesion to various coated printing papers
  • Excellent in heat & cold resistance
  • Because good bonding strength can be gained by thin coating, they are suitable for bookbinding application especially wider opening type
  • The adhesive layer does not pulverize during the recycle process
  • These products are qualified for both Green Procurement promoted by Ministry of the Environment, and Green Standards set by Japan Federation of Printing Industries


Item Unit 4853
Appearance - White block
Viscosity mPa·s/120℃ 7,000
Set Time s 30
Softening Point 160
Open Time s 10
Characteristics - General use for various application
Packing - Pail, Drum

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