Solvent Type Adhesive for Automotive upholstery fabric bonding

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This styrene rubber type moisture curing one-component adhesive performs well on especially automotive upholstery fabric bonding application.

for Automotive upholstery fabric bonding

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Primary Application

Automotive side door panel fabric bonding, center console decorative lamination


  • Free from toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, chlorine and other materials related to Pollutant Release and Transfer Register standards
  • Able to bond fabric laminated with polyurethane foam by one-sided coating
  • Excellent adhesive to PP with superior heat resistance
  • This one-component type adhesive realizes better workability


Item Unit 1755
Appearance - Red low-viscosity solution
Solvent - Methylcyclohexane, MEK, Cyclohexane
Viscosity mPa·s/20℃ Approx. 150
Non-Volatile Content % Approx. 22

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