Aluminum alloy forging

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Aluminum forging

The forging made of SHOTIC® and fabricated through cold or hot forging process in-house, has been developed and produced in accordance with customers' required properties and been adopted for the following purposes:

  • ・Lightening and bar-machining cost reduction of iron parts (pressure resistant and high strength parts)
  • ・Increase in the strength and reduction in the wall thickness of aluminum parts
  • ・Increase in the qualitative reliability of cast aluminum parts (reduction in quality-assurance cost)

Specifically, our forging made of A390 of hypereutectic Al-Si alloy, which became available for the first time for forging stock through our own continuous casting process, and of our unique eutectic Al-Si alloys have been adopted as wear resistant and high strength articles of automobiles and motorcycles.

Inquiry of this product