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The A390 alloy series “A390 Alloy” is an Al-Si hypereutectic alloy with 17% of Si, and have been said to be difficult to forge, but through our uniquely developed gas pressure hot top continuous casting process, the primary crystal Si is distributed finely and uniformly, and it has been made possible to manufacture as a forging alloy. This alloy contains more Si than “AHS Alloy”, and an even higher anti wear characteristic is gained. In addition, we also have a series of derived alloys. This alloy series is supplied in continuously cast bars, extruded bars, and cut or forged form. When supplying continuously cast bars, it will mainly be 55 to 80 mm in dia.

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Used for anti-wear sliding parts, high-temperature high-strength materials, and high-pressure materials for automobiles, machinery, and household products.
In high strength, high wear resistant aluminum alloys, we also have the AHS alloy series.

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