Extruded and drawn tubes

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The demand for aluminum piping used for photoconductor drums of laser printers, requiring a superior surface quality, is ever rising. The extrusion and drawing process draws material through the narrow hole in a die without heating the extruded pipe, to provide a superior mirrored surface. Through selection of optimal die materials and lubrication oils, we provide a higher precision mirrored surface.

Laser printer

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A high precision mirrored surface is gained even without cutting work.
It is possible to apply alumite and other surface treatments as required.
Physical surface properties will be controlled and supplied according to customer needs.
ED piping
High precision aluminum pipe formed by precision extrusion and drawing process without cutting. Mainly used as the base for photoconductor drums of laser printers.
TD piping
Aluminum pipe for photoconductor drums formed by high precision cutting. Work is performed to create the surface roughness desired by the customer.

Photo conductur drum

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