G23 PB-free Free-cutting alloy

About the product

From consideration for the environment, We have developed the lead-less free-cutting alloy G23 as a replacement for the conventional free-cutting alloy with Pb (A2011 equivalent: G21). This G23 alloy uses Sn, Bi instead of the Pb, Bi used in conventional free-cutting alloys, to achieve a cutting process ability and surface treatment ability that are equivalent to or better than conventional free-cutting alloys (A2011 equivalent: G21).

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  • G23 is Pb free, but retains a cutting characteristic that is equivalent to or better than A2011 material (G21).  
  • G23 has the same surface treatment performance as A2011 (G21).


  • For cutting processed parts such as machine parts.


1. Mechanical properties (product standard)

Type Tensile strength
Yield strength
G23 350 or more 250or more 10or more
A2011 equivalent G21
373or more 275 or more 10or more


2. Cutting process ability (appearance of the cut after performing cutting work)


3. Surface treatment ability

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