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The FCBP (Free Curve Bending Process) is a technology for bending aluminum extruded material in a 3 dimensional free curve. At us, we have various FCBP facilities ranging from small to large, and perform the series of operations from the manufacture of optimum material for bending, to the bend processing.

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  • ・ A free 3 dimensional curve can be gained from a single die.
  • ・ Using CPU control, the reproducibility of the forming material is high, and the productivity is high.
  • ・ Is suited for the bending of irregularly shaped cross section materials.
  • ・ There is little change in the bend area cross section, and of material thickness.

Our space frames

FCBP Principle

By pushing the aluminum extruded material from the rear, bending is performed by a moving die which moves in 5 axis directions with the fixed die as the support point, to create a free curve bend shape.

Our space frames

Bend shape example

Our rudder frame

Vehicle seat frame

Bumper reinforcement

Processing capacity

Can work with small to large cross sections, and long materials as well.

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