Material Issues for Sustainability①


We create social value through our businesses via a series of processes—from the identification of social issues to the development of technologies and the provision of solutions—and the harnessing of initiatives through co-creation.

2025 targets
  • Establish, implement, and monitor targets by business and mainstay product
  • Calculate the LCA for mainstay products and introduce evaluation methods at the R&D phase


Strengthen co-creation
capabilities &
competitiveness and create
social value through
Our ambition The source of our growth lies in business activities utilizing our technological capabilities to change society through the power of chemistry. We will strengthen our cocreation capabilities and competitiveness through innovation and our businesses to create social value.
2030 targets We create social value through our businesses via a series of processes— from the identification of social issues to the development of technologies and the e provision of solutions— and the harnessing of initiatives through co-creation.
Social value Maximization of our positive impact and minimization of our negative impact on society and the environment through the thorough implementation of responsible consumption and production as a chemical manufacturer that serves as the basis for a variety of industries
Environmental value
Economic value
  • Enhancement of corporate value by achieving business growth through the provision of social and environmental value
  • Enhancement of employee motivation by helping employees to gain a solid sense that we are realizing our purpose through our businesses
  • Creation of social value based on applicability to resolution of wide-ranging social issues
  • Enhancement of corporate value by flexibly responding to changes in customers and capital markets and to their expectations
  • Obsolescence of material manufacturers’ technologies due to development of digital and AI technologies
  • Decline in co-creation capabilities and competitiveness due to delayed response to environmental and social issues
  • Decline in co-creation capabilities and competitiveness due to delays in industry restructuring and portfolio reform
Constituent elements
  • Creation of social value through our businesses
  • Identification of social issues and provision of customer value through marketing
  • Promotion of open innovation
  • R&D and intellectual property strategies that resolve social issues
  • Facilitation of resolution of social issues through digital transformation
Key items (KPIs)
  • Resonac Pride products and services
  • CFP-related initiatives
  • Vitalization of customer- and market-driven activities
  • Promotion of digitalization
  • Enhancement of customer database

Co-creation with external parties

Strengthening of R&D and intellectual property strategies

Human resource development

Data-driven management

Promotion of digital transformation and development of professional-minded human resources

Enhancement of IT and digital literacy

2025 targets
  • Accreditation by open process
  • Calculation of CFP of major products
  • Enhancement of product pipeline that contributes to customer value
  • Strengthening overseas and regional information dissemination using digital marketing
  • Centralized Companywide pipeline management
  • Formulation of customer strategy for each business
  • Promotion of open innovation and increase of the ratio of external themes
  • Number of papers and external presentations
  • Increase of the number of cross-organizational themes
  • Increase of the ratio of introduction of life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Enhancement of intellectual property indicators, such as Market Coverage (MC), which indicates market value, and Technology Relevance (TR), which indicates technological value
  • Assignment of leaders and professional-minded human resources at an appropriate ratio
  • Completion of a venue for co-creation
  • Establishment of the platform for standardization and analysis of financial data
  • Establishment of a process for obtaining ESG data
  • Promotion of projects through collaboration between centers of excellence and business units
  • Digital experience and education of all employees
Results in 2022
  • Launch of Resonac Pride Products & Services
  • Execution of marketing based on MGAP and VP
  • Execution of digital marketing activities mainly by principal business headquarters
  • Identification of business issues for companywide application of CRM
  • Identification of key customers and clarification of issues for establishment of a visualization system
  • Start of consideration of actions to facilitate open innovation
  • Started LCA calculation of research themes
  • Set targets of IP indicators
  • Started discussion on personnel assignment
  • Opened the Stage for Co-creation
  • Start of utilization of software for visualization and analysis
  • Launch of Resonac Way Transformation activities
  • Start of a cross-organizational structure centering on the Digital Transformation Department
  • Strengthening of the pool of digital-proficient human resources by hiring personnel who can work effectively to promote digital transformation right away
  • Improvement of a structure for education and training