Efforts for Preservation of Biodiversity

Basic ideas and policies

In order to pass down to the next generation the beautiful scenery and rich natural resources provided by ecosystems, the Resonac Group will make efforts for biodiversity conservation based on the following policies.

  • Evaluate and reduce the impact of the Resonac Group’s business activities on biodiversity
  • Work to restore threatened biodiversity
  • Implement measures through conservation and cooperation with stakeholders

Activities in 2022

Our initiatives aimed at conserving biodiversity consist not only of activities conducted on our business premises, such as appropriately maintaining and managing green areas and making proactive efforts to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater, but also of activities carried out by our business locations either independently or in cooperation with local stakeholders (governments, organizations, etc.), including cleanup activities along the coasts, rivers, and lakes in the vicinity to maintain the natural environment.

In 2022, we conducted a survey of aquatic organisms inhabiting the waterways that flow through the Kitakata Plant in an effort to protect rare species and help preserve local biodiversity. The survey confirmed the presence of many types of organisms, including fish such as Amur minnows and Japanese dace, amphibians such as Japanese tree frogs and Japanese wrinkled frogs, insects such as water scorpions and agabuses, and various shellfish.

Resonac HD Singapore, one of our overseas group companies, participated in a volunteer cleanup of national gardens in support of "Project Blue Wave," a government-sponsored project aimed at preserving marine biodiversity and the environment, by cleaning up a lake using kayaks.

In the Omachi area of Nagano Prefecture, we are engaged in business activities that utilize local water resources. Every year, we conduct cleanups of Lake Kisaki, Lake Aoki, and Lake Nakatsuna in cooperation with the local fishing cooperative, which provides support and cooperation for the hydroelectric power plant.

The Toyama Plant participates in "Operation Let’s All Clean Up" being conducted throughout Toyama Prefecture, cleaning up litter that has drifted ashore at the nearby Iwasehama Beach.

We are involved in the "Project to Restore the Environment around Kasumigaura" in cooperation with the local government and NPOs for the purposes of preventing environmental degradation and preserving the ecosystem in the Kasumigaura basin (Ibaraki Prefecture), which we use to obtain industrial water for our business sites./p>