Open Innovation

Resonac aims to become a co-creation chemical company that realizes the purpose of "chemistry for change." We will conduct Open Innovation (OI)*1 activities to search for partners and promote collaboration from around the world.

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Through the OI activities, we aim to maximize R&D output and serve as a hub for people and technology inside and outside of the company. (Refer to the following” Stage for Co-creation”)

In order to "combine our company possessed technology and external technology", we have interviewed each our R&D department to grasp the OI needs, after that we are searching for external technology and promoting the collaboration.

The OI needs obtained from the interviews will be made the most of OI activities outside the company. We regard it as collaboration with venture capital(VC) and aims to combine our company possessed technology and external technology through the OI activities outside the company.

There are processes that start from the needs within the company and external technology (seeds).

In the case that start at the needs within the company, prioritize the OI needs in electronics and mobility fields, we aim to get the results early in these fields.

In addition, in the case that start at external technology(seeds), we will utilize the OI network including VCs, we aim to create new businesses based on long-term R&D themes (next-generation high-speed communication materials, plastic recycling, etc.).

  • *1 OI is a methodology that incorporates the knowledge and technology possessed by external organizations in product development and technological innovation to break away from the self-sufficiency. It was proposed* by Henry Chesbrough in 2003.
    • * Henry Chesbrough, “Open innovation: The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology,” Harvard Business School Press, 2003.