Management System


We are working on the development of an intellectual property management system (SWIPS) based on the concept of upgrading from a deadline management system to a strategic intellectual property database. By introducing this system company-wide, we will promote intellectual property operations more strategically in order to strengthen corporate competitiveness.


In August 2021, we have already completed the introduction of SWIPS at Showa Denko Materials (SDMC) and started using it for normal operations.
In 2022, the intellectual property data of Showa Denko (SDK) and SDMC will be integrated, and the development of SWIPS2, which is a further improved system, has started, and the newly integrated company plans to start its operation from 2023.

Future policy

Taking advantage of SWIPS's customizable functions, we aim to further enhance the functions in the following ways.

  • Introduce a function that analyzes the company's patent groups from various aspects and make it possible to utilize it for R&D strategies and business strategies.
  • Improve operational efficiency by systematizing the majority of intellectual property management operations.