IP Utilization


Aiming to contribute to the business, we will design and propose solutions to business issues from the perspective of the IP department. The created design will be implemented in collaboration with internal and external parties.
Our basic policy is to build a patent portfolio that has a high impact on the global business ecosystem, and to promote the active use of our intellectual property rights. “Aggressive Intellectual Property / Fighting Intellectual Property” is the basic stance of the Integrated Intellectual Property Division.


We design and steadily implement measures to prevent other companies from entering our business by filing infringement lawsuits, earn royalty income through licensing, and monetize IP through the transfer of idle patents. We also share these designs at IP FORECAST (Integrated Intellectual Property Division General Meeting), etc., and we are promoting the development of knowledge gained from the implementation of designs in other business fields.

Future policy

We will continue to contribute to our business through building a highly influential IP portfolio, promoting licensing in line with regional strategies and alliance strategies of business divisions, aggressively exercising rights both domestically and internationally without hesitating to file lawsuits, and promoting IP monetization through the transfer of idle patents.
In addition, we will promote cross-sectoral design sharing across business axes to enhance the intellectual property capabilities of the integrated company.