Stage for Co-creation


The "Stage for Co-creation" is a venue established in Yokohama City based on our vision “Co-creative Chemical Company”. As a diverse range of people from inside and outside the Group  gather at this venue to take part in co-creation, it drives the creation of new pipelines.

On the "Stage for Co-creation", we promote long-term R&D themes that will lead to the creation of future businesses, and two platforms have been established to support and strengthen these themes from both hardware and software perspectives. In addition, divisions that provide technical support from the aspects of materials science analysis, computational science and information utilization, engineering and manufacturing, and chemical product management are also active on this "Stage".

The "Stage for Co-creation" also functions as a cross-organizational hub connecting various technologies within the Resonac Group, and as a facility open to the surrounding areas outside the Group, both domestically and internationally, it has the function of promoting collaboration and co-creation through open innovation activities.


Construction of platforms to support and accelerate R&D activities aimed at creating new, sustainable businesses

1. Technology data Platform

Creation of a database of internal and external technologies as a platform to support the transition from R&D based on experience and tacit knowledge to data-driven R&D

2. Coaching and mentorship Platform

Cultivation of an atmosphere conductive to ongoing value creation, in which people from inside and outside the Group gather based on shared visions, with the goals of building structures for progress and meeting new colleagues

Long-Term R&D Themes

1. Next-Generation High-Speed Communications Materials

The upcoming 6G(Beyond 5G) world is expected to feature a sustainable society in which everyone can express their humanity and where people, things, and experiences are seamlessly connected.

Taking a back casting approach from our vision for 2030, we will advance integrated development of organic and inorganic composite materials that cannot be produced using existing technologies (or refined versions of existing technologies) in the Beyond 5G world.

The Company thereby aims to have developed world-leading telecommunications technologies by the 2030s.

Chemistry to Synthesize×Chemistry to Formulate→Next-generation communications materials
2. Plastic Recycling

The environment surrounding plastic recycling has undergone massive transformations in recent years. Specifically, significant attention has been gamered by plastic-to-plastic carbon resource recycling methods, particular chemical recycling processes capable of producing recycled plastic with the same qualities as virgin plastic. Resonac is developing waste plastic-to-olefine recycling technologies for use in promoting carbon resource recycling and transitions in the raw materials and manufacturing processes for the basic chemical products that support society.

Development of Waste Plastic-to-Basic Chemical Raw Material Technologies