Poly-N-Vinylacetamide Solution (PNVA Solution)

GE191 Series

About the product

A non-ionic, hydrophilic N-vinylacetamide polymer solution usable as a dispersion binder for metals, metallic oxides, carbon, etc. Also used as a dispersion binder for the ceramic coating of lithium-ion battery separators.


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  • Excellent dispersion with fine metal or metallic oxide powders.
  • Strong adhesion to the polar surfaces of metals or glass.
  • Resistance to high temperatures enables the formation of a heat-resistant layer, etc. ​​
  • Suitable due to a non-ionic monomer for applications required a low metallic content, example of electronic materials, etc.​
  • Increases the viscosity of polar solvents such as water or alcohol.

Product line-up

Grade Appearance Polymer concentration As-is viscosity (mPa・s)
GE191-053 Viscous solution Approx. 5wt% Approx. 10,000
GE191-103 Viscous solution Approx. 10wt% Approx. 18,000
GE191-104 Viscous solution Approx. 13wt% Approx. 2,000
GE191-107 Solution Approx. 10wt% Approx. 50

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