Resonac’s Binder for LIBs Is to Be Applied to TOYOTA’s Hybrid Cars

- Resonac’s binder will assist LIBs in large current charging/discharging -

April 04, 2024
Resonac Holdings Corporation

Binder for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), "POLYSOL LB Series" (hereinafter “POLYSOL LB”), which is manufactured and marketed by Resonac Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi, hereinafter “Resonac”), has been adopted for the first time as a component of LIBs by Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd. (President: Masamichi Okada, hereinafter “Primearth”).  These LIBs will be installed in a part of hybrid cars manufactured and sold by TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (President: Koji Sato).
POLYSOL LB, which was adopted by Primearth this time, enhances input-output characteristics of LIBs, and enables LIBs to perform large current charging/discharging.

In recent years, the spread of electrically driven vehicles including hybrid cars and all-electric vehicles (xEVs) has been accelerating due to the social trend to quest carbon neutrality.  Under these circumstances, LIBs for xEVs are required to have capability to perform large current charging/discharging, that is, to have outstanding input/output characteristics.

POLYSOL LB is one of aqueous emulsions* produced by Resonac, and it is specialized for use as binder for LIBs.  POLYSOL LB maintains structure of anodes of LIBs by binding particles of active material together and also binding them to current collector foil.  POLYSOL LB has outstanding low resistance, excellent temperature characteristics, and high adhesion to current collector foil.  Thus, POLYSOL LB contributes to LIBs’ outstanding input/output characteristics and long life.
The grade of POLYSOL LB adopted this time has further reduced resistance and allows a large current to pass through, making it possible for LIBs to perform charging/discharging with larger current.  Resonac developed this customized grade of POLYSOL LB by utilizing its technologies to design polymers and evaluate batteries, which were fostered through many years of operation, and optimizing composition and particle structure of binder.  Primearth put high value on these characteristics of the customized grade of POLYSOL LB and decided to adopt it.


A schematic depiction of anode
A schematic depiction of anode



In addition to binder, Resonac produces various materials for LIBs including anode materials, conductive additives for cathodes and anodes, “VGCF-H,” and aluminum laminated film, “SPALF.”  Resonac can propose for LIBs by utilizing combination of these materials.
Resonac will continue providing environment-conscious products including those for LIBs, thereby contributing to the quest for carbon neutrality and realization of sustainable development of society.

*Emulsion is a liquid which contains uniformly dispersed particles of synthetic resin.

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