News Releases


  1. 2023.03.23 R&D Resonac Starts Full-Scale Operation of Evaluation and Development Base to Innovate Materials for Power Modules
    - For Contribution to the Electrification of Vehicles and Others through Co-Creation with External Parties -
  2. 2023.03.13 R&D Resonac Starts Development of New Semiconductor Materials for 6G at the Newly Opened Innovation Base
    - With Computational Science and Materials Analysis Professionals Also Stationed at the Same Resonac R&D Center -
  3. 2023.03.09 R&D RESONAC (Semiconductor Materials Manufacturer in Japan) to Use Virtual Reality Technology for Product Development
    ~ Enables engineers to experience "molecular level visualization," and makes a significant contribution to accelerating development and discovery of new materials ~
  4. 2023.03.08 Other Resonac Wins the Grand Prix at NIKKEI Integrated Report Award 2022
    — “Message from the top management” in our report obtained full marks in the screening process of the Award —
  5. 2023.03.02 Other Notice of Convocation of the 114th Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDFを開く
  6. 2023.03.01 Business Resonac Develops and Starts to Mass-produce Third Generation High-grade SiC Epitaxial Wafers
    — Through supply of top-quality epitaxial wafers, Resonac contributes to practical application of space-saving high-output next-generation power semiconductors —
  7. 2023.02.14 Management / IR 2022 Consolidated Financial Statements and SummaryPDFを開く
  8. 2023.02.14 Management / IR 2022 Financial Results: Presentation MaterialPDFを開く
  9. 2023.02.14 Management / IR "Co-Creative Chemical Company" -toward global top-level functional chemical company-PDFを開く
  10. 2023.02.14 Management / IR Resonac Announces Difference between Performance Forecast and ResultsPDFを開く
  11. 2023.02.14 Management / IR (Correction) Resonac Corrects Segment Information in 2021 Consolidated Financial StatementsPDFを開く
  12. 2023.02.09 R&D Resonac Joins Enthought’s Materials Informatics Acceleration Program
    -Enhancing skill development of Resonac’s data scientists-
  13. 2023.01.16 Other We exhibit at nano tech 2023 - The 22nd International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference
  14. 2023.01.12 Business Resonac and Infineon Technologies Strengthen Cooperation in SiC Materials for Power Semiconductors
  15. 2023.01.06 Other We exhibit at 14th EV&HV, PHV Technology Expo (in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD2023)
  16. 2023.01.06 Other We exhibit at 37th NEPCON JAPAN (R&D and Manufacturing)
  17. 2023.01.04 Management / IR Resonac Aims to be a Leading Functional Chemical Manufacturer by Raising Reformers
    -CEO Takahashi Gives New Year Address following the Launch of Resonac-