Resonac Group Introduces Newly Designed Uniform Worldwide

~ Resonac decided on functions and design of new uniform by employee vote and hearing at 63 business bases inside and outside Japan ~

March 11, 2024
Resonac Holdings Corporation

Resonac Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi, hereinafter “Resonac”) has decided to introduce newly designed uniform to be used in production and R&D bases of the Resonac Group worldwide, aiming to strengthen feelings of groupwide unity. Employees of the Resonac Group will start to wear new uniforms at 63 business bases inside and outside Japan on April 1, 2024.

New uniforms which will start to be used on April 1, 2024

Resonac was established as a result of the integration of Showa Denko K.K. and Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd. (former Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.) in January 2023, and its employees wore uniforms of different designs depending on the business base. Following the integration of the two companies, Resonac launched a project named “Team Wear Project” aiming at groupwide unity of design of uniforms in January 2023, and the project produced uniform with new design.

Design of the new uniform is based on the concept of “rippling resonation,” and represents people with diverse talents and perspectives joining hands to unlock limitless potential that no one can achieve alone. The new uniform has sidelines extended from shoulders to arms and colored with Resonac Blue, which is Resonac’s corporate color, and has two lines spreading from inside to outside on the front of the jacket and both sides of pants, which symbolize co-creation, resonation, and our desire to strengthen the power of chemistry with co-creation and resonation.

At the beginning of its activities, the Team Wear Project visited 63 business bases inside and outside Japan, which were expected to use the new uniform, and held public hearings on 20 issues including employees’ demands on functions and designs of the new uniform. Based on the results of the public hearings, 5 designers proposed 15 patterns of uniform designs which were inspired by Resonac’s Purpose and Values and concepts of co-creation and diversity as Resonac’s ideals. Then 6 proposals were selected at an in-house competition, and the company decided on the design of the uniform by voting of all employees, in which the number of participated voters were more than 15,000.

Uniform used in chemical company is required to have various functions conforming to the work environment and safety standard, including elimination of static electricity in order to prevent induction of explosion, incombustibility, ease of movement to reduce work stress, lower-back protection, and durability. While meeting various needs painstakingly, the new uniform has successfully reduced the number of types to 55 by employing globally standardized design, although the current uniform has 285 types because its design depended on the business base before the integration of the two companies.
Furthermore, we consider collecting a part of the current uniform used in Japan and chemically recycling it through the Kawasaki Plastic Recycling Plant (KPR).

By introducing the new uniform which has been co-creatively designed with the attendance of Resonac’s employees worldwide, the Resonac Group shall continue manufacturing products that make a positive contribution to society.

■Features of the new uniform

Varieties in the lineup
meeting the needs of each job

  • Paying attention to safety, we prepared various types of uniform, including those with electrostatic property for general use, cotton, incombustibility, high visibility, etc.
  • Base color is dark blue, which makes dirt less noticeable. To make the uniform have high visibility , we put lines colored with Resonac Blue, which is the corporate color of the company.
  • Use of stretchable materials
  • Use of breathable materials for shirts
  • Attached flaps and fasteners to breast pockets and side pockets in order to prevent scratching and dropping things
Environment friendliness
  • Uniform with electrostatic property for general use utilizes plant-derived polyester which is environment friendly
Special design for expectant mothers
  • We have a type of uniform specially designed for expectant mothers, which has ribbed and adjustable waist

■Design representing “co-creation” and “resonation”

Two lines spreading from inside to outside

Resonac Blue lines from shoulders to arms



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