Resonac Aims to Establish a Corporate System to Continue Developing Best Products in the World

-CEO Takahashi gives new year message commemorating the first anniversary of the launch of Resonac-

January 04, 2024

On January 1, 2024, Resonac Holdings Corporation and Resonac Corporation (President of both companies: Hidehito Takahashi, hereinafter collectively called “Resonac”) reached the first anniversary of the founding of the new companies.  Today, Hidehito Takahashi, President and CEO of Resonac, gave a new year message in which he called on all employees of Resonac to accelerate creation of synergy inside and outside the Company in order to continue developing best products in the world.  He also appealed all employees to make Resonac a company where everybody works with happiness while having unforgiving feeling of tension about work performance.

[Outline of CEO’s new year message]
Resonac’s ideal is to become a “global top-level functional chemical manufacturer from Japan.”  Realization of this ideal is my desire and obligation.  In order to have scale and profitability suitable for a company that can compete on the world stage, we will aim to ensure net sales of 1 trillion yen or more and EBITDA margin of 20% or more.  We will not apply brake on necessary investments but continue discovering businesses we should exit by thorough investigation.

We have set four important measures to achieve our Long-term Vision: “Sustainability,” “Digital transformation,” “Co-creative product development,” and “Cultivation of organizational culture and human resource development.”  We will continue taking these measures in order to realize our ideal.  These four measures are standard equipment to survive global competition and the must for international corporations.

In order to become a global top-level functional chemical manufacturer, Resonac has positioned sustainability as its basic management policy.  To promote sustainability further, we have created a new position of Chief Sustainability Officer (CsuO).  I always say, “For companies, sustainability means maximization of corporate value.”  To maximize a company’s corporate value, we must discuss decarbonization as a measure to avoid global environmental crisis.  In order to achieve our carbon neutrality by 2050, now we have set a target to reduce our GHG emission by 30% from the level of 2013 by 2030.  To achieve this target, we will continue increasing the ratio of renewable energy power and promoting fuel conversion at our production bases.

This year, digital transformation (DX) will be our important measure to achieve our Long-term Vision.  To promote DX for effective use of AI and business efficiency improvement, we will strive to connect business system users and DX promotion sector.

We also promote co-creative product development inside and outside the company in order to develop products that meet needs of the times.  We aim to continue developing best technologies and products in the world by promoting co-creative product development.  In addition, we have launched unified R&D organization by vertically integrating strong points of former SDK and former SDMC in the development of important technologies.  We expect this unified R&D organization will promote realization of synergy between business headquarters.

To produce innovation, we must cultivate organizational culture and develop human resources.  It takes time to reform organizational culture and human resources.  I would like to achieve this reform within 10 years.  We will develop human resources who autonomously communicate with other people inside and outside the company, initiate creative reform through co-creation, and solve problems.  Let’s practice our Values every day, actively work on co-creation inside and outside the company, and reform Resonac together.

Lastly, my purpose is as follows.
“I will make Resonac a company where everybody shares values, everybody faces in the same direction, everybody works freely and autonomously, everybody communicates each other up and down, left and right, but everybody has unforgiving feeling of tension about work performance, and above all, a company where everybody works with happiness.”
Let’s make Resonac a company where everybody works with happiness.

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