Resonac Plans to Establish Semiconductor Back End Process R&D Center in Silicon Valley

~ Resonac aims to accelerate development of cutting-edge technologies in a region where business bases of GAFAM and US semiconductor manufacturers are concentrated ~

November 22, 2023
Resonac Holdings Corporation

Today, Resonac Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi, hereinafter “Resonac") announces that it plans to establish a research and development center for semiconductor packaging technologies and semiconductor materials in Silicon Valley, California, the USA. Resonac has started to investigate, select, and prepare facilities to be installed in the new R&D center.

While the global semiconductor market is projected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2030, the evolution of AI technologies, including Generative AI which has been rapidly expanding throughout this year, is accelerating. Many cutting-edge semiconductor technologies supporting this trend have originated from Silicon Valley, where prominent US semiconductor manufacturers, such as Intel and NVIDIA, are concentrated. Additionally, in recent years, GAFAM*, which deploy cloud services including Generative AI services, are known to develop AI semiconductors optimized for their own services.

In this context, Resonac has commenced preparations to establish the new Packaging Solution Center (PSC), which is a research and development center for advanced semiconductor packaging material technologies, in Silicon Valley, where key figures in development of semiconductor technology concepts gather. The first PSC of Resonac, which is located in Shin-Kawasaki, Japan and has proven track record, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which can process large-sized materials such as 300mm wafer and 500mm square panel. These facilities are capable of laser dicing, fine wiring formation, and handling processes and materials for cutting-edge technologies like 2.xD and 3D semiconductor packaging. Thus, the first PSC of Resonac has been serving as a one-stop hub for trial implementation and evaluation of leading-edge production technologies and materials, and attracting attention of global players in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. This year, the first PSC has already received visits from more than 150 companies worldwide. To expand such activities, Resonac decided this time to establish the new PSC in the United States. Resonac plans to capture real-time trends and the latest concepts in packaging technology for cutting-edge semiconductors including AI semiconductors, and reflect them in the development of new materials.

We are currently investigating and preparing the equipment to be introduced, and plan to begin operation in 2025 after installing a clean room and equipment.

* GAFAM:Google・Apple・Facebook・Amazon・Microsoft


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