Resonac Participates WIPO GREEN, a Global Platform for Environment-friendly Technologies

—Resonac accelerates co-creative innovation through registration of environmental technologies including those for plastic chemical recycling—

October 11, 2023
Resonac Holdings Corporation

Resonac Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi) has decided to participate in WIPO GREEN as a partner.  WIPO GREEN is a global platform for environmental technologies operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Resonac will register its environmental technologies including plastic chemical recycling technology with the database of WIPO GREEN, thereby being connected with corporations and individuals who want to use Resonac Group’s technologies, and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) including realization of low-carbon society through co-creation.

Resonac has defined its Purpose as “Change society through the power of chemistry.”  However, in order to establish innovations to solve various social issues, Resonac must cooperate with partners and realize wide-ranging co-creation.  As a “Co-creative chemical company,” Resonac aims to continue growing and enhance its corporate value through co-creation with all stakeholders.  To achieve this, Resonac has established “Stage for Co-creation,” which is a core base for R&D, and “Innovation Center,” which uncovers potential needs through interpersonal communication and expedites co-creation.

Aiming to promote co-creation further, Resonac decided to participate in WIPO GREEN as a partner.  WIPO GREEN currently has more than 120,000 listed technologies, needs and experts, with over 150 partners ranging from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.  Resonac will register its technologies with WIPO GREEN’s database, thereby increasing our chances of being connected with corporations and individuals who need our technologies, and accelerating co-creation of innovations.  Furthermore, Resonac now considers utilizing its Innovation Center not only as a place for co-creation between Resonac and other companies but also as a place to enable partner companies of WIPO GREEN to be connected with each other.

Resonac will continue solving various social issues through co-creation with all stakeholders.


[Examples of Resonac Group’s technologies to be registered with WIPO GREEN’s database]

  1. (1) Kawasaki Plastic Chemical Recycling (KPR)
  2. In its Kawasaki Plant, Resonac operates facilities to produce hydrogen and CO2 from used plastics.  With those facilities and under high temperature, we gasify and crack used plastics into molecules of hydrogen and CO2.  This process does not require combustion of fossil fuels.  A part of hydrogen produced through this process is used as raw material to produce chemicals at neighboring plants, or delivered to hydrogen stations and supplied for fuel cell vehicles.  Another part of hydrogen is used as raw material to produce ammonia, which will be processed into synthetic fibers, synthetic resins, chemical fertilizers, medicines, etc.  CO2 produced through this process is not emitted into atmosphere, but rather utilized by a subsidiary of Resonac Corporation to produce dry ice, carbonated drinks, CO2 gas for medical use, etc.  Thus, KPR technology enables the Resonac Group to realize recycling of resources and contribute to realization of sustainable and affluent society.  Resonac’s KPR plant started its operation in 2003, and is the only used plastics gasification and chemical recycling plant in the world that has been in stable operation for about 20 years.
  3. KPR

About Kawasaki Plastic Chemical Recycling Plant (KPR)

(2) Shodex
Shodex is the trade name of columns for high performance liquid chromatography produced and sold by the Resonac Group.  Main product line consists of polymer-based columns.  Shodex columns have excellent durability, minimum eluate, excellent pH adaptability, and wide-ranging product portfolio.  Making the most of these advantages, Shodex columns support research and development activities for environmental protection and sustainability by providing important applications about water quality analysis, soil contaminants tracking, and other environmental monitoring.  In 1965, the Resonac Group started research on molecular weight measurement and separation technology on the basis of its high-polymer synthesis technology.  Since then, the Group has been developing various columns for about 50 years.  The Group has global sales network for Shodex columns, and continues providing innovative solutions for wide-ranging needs for analysis.

About Shodex HPLC columns

(3) Environment-friendly phenolic resin molding compound (produced by Resonac Techno Service Corporation)
This product is produced from biomass raw materials including phenolic resin made from naturally-derived raw material and plant-derived base material.  We can adjust the biomass content of this product between 20% and 45%.  This product has the same physical properties with those of non-biomass resin molding compound.  Therefore, this product can be used to the same applications as those of conventional molding compounds, such as materials for automotive parts and electrical parts.  Together with users of this product, the Resonac Group continues contributing to reducing fossil fuel consumption and GHG emission.

About environment-friendly phenolic resin molding material (Japanese)



WIPO GREEN is a global platform for environmental technologies established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with the object of encouraging open innovation.  It connects people who are looking for environmental, advanced, and sustainable solutions and those who can provide technologies and services that meet to the former’s needs.  WIPO GREEN already has 6,000 members from 170 countries, and these numbers continue increasing.

[About Resonac’s Innovation Center]

The Resonac Group established Innovation Center in 2017, aiming to uncover potential needs through interpersonal communication and expedite co-creation.  By making the most of Innovation Center, Resonac will realize co-creation not only with our customers but also with all the other stakeholders including equipment manufacturers, raw material manufacturers, companies in other industries, universities, and other companies in the chemical industry, who are our competitors.  Innovation Center is not a site to simply exhibit our products, but a site to introduce our wide-ranging technologies to our customers and all the other stakeholders through experience-based exhibition in line with needs and purposes of our customers and all the other stakeholders.  The Resonac Group will continue expediting co-creation of innovations with our stakeholders by enabling them to watch, touch and feel our technologies.

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