Resonac Introduces Value Creation Story Starting from Its Purpose under the Key Concept “Here We Go”

-Resonac Publishes RESONAC REPORT 2023, the Group’s First Integrated Report-

September 14, 2023

Resonac Holdings Corporation (Tokyo: 4004, President: Hidehito Takahashi) has published English version of its integrated report “RESONAC REPORT 2023,” and made it available to the public via the Group’s website. 

RESONAC REPORT 2023 (hereinafter “the Report”), which is the first integrated report published with the name of Resonac, is edited under the key concept of “Here We Go,” and introduces financial and non-financial strategies and tactics of the Resonac Group, which aims to be a Co-creative Chemical Company.
      The Report thoroughly investigates “Co-creative Chemical Company” which the Resonac Group aims to be, and describes progress in “Resonac’s Human Capital Management” and training of “co-creative talent,” while introducing the Group’s new initiatives including “Resonac Pride Products & Services” which contribute to improvement in our customers’ and  public welfare through practice of our Purpose, “Change society through the power of chemistry.”  In addition, the Report describes the present situation and future prospects of the Resonac Group including how “Team Takahashi,” the management team of the Resonac Group lead by our President and CEO Hidehito Takahashi, functions, dialogue with outside experts about the Group’s human capital management, discussion with an outside director about transformation of the Board of Directors, and conversation and interview between Resonac’s global top and young researchers.  Thus, more people appear on the RESONAC REPORT 2023 than those on the integrated report of 2022.
      The Resonac Group positions the Report as a tool to give our stakeholders better understanding of the Group and promote value creation through dialogue between the Group and stakeholders.  We will continue communicating with our stakeholders via dialogue and the Group’s website how the Group is behaving as a Co-creative Chemical Company.
     As a startup with 26,000 employees, we hope you will find it worth watching how the Resonac Group will transform itself, and change society through the power of chemistry.


The cover of the Report presenting the new Resonac Group’s excitement and potential through the collage of the characters of “Here We Go” and pictures of various people


[Outline of RESONAC REPORT 2023]
■ Publication date:     July 2023 (Japanese version)
           September 2023 (English version)
■ URL for downloading:…
■ Format: A4 horizontal, interactive PDF
■ Number of pages: 138
■ Reporting period: From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 (including some information disclosed and actions taken in or after January 2023)
■Target organization to report:
Resonac Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries
■ Contents:
01 What’s Resonac?-Re-introducing Ourselves
           This section describes outline of the Group’s history, businesses, value creation process, and financial/non-financial figures
           It also focuses on and thoroughly investigates “Co-creative Chemical Company” which the Resonac Group aims to be
02 Where to Go-Our Goals (How the Group will change society through the power of chemistry)
           This section describes interviews with each of CEO, CFO, CSO, CTO, and CHRO about their vision of the ideal state of the Group and their answers to the following questions: “Why can the Group realize that?” “Why can you lead realization of the vision?” and “How can you lead the process?” 
           It also reports a trialogue among CEO, CHRO and an expert about human capital management on which the Group focuses.
03 How to Change-What We Will Focus on to Achieve Change
           This section introduces functional strategy and business strategy of the Group based on the Group’s Long-term Vision and the analysis of material issues.  In its description about material issues related to functional strategy, we added discussion on analysis of risks and opportunities, and also analyses relation between material issues and non-financial KPIs related to those issues. 
           This section also reports round-table discussion between CTO and young researchers and that among the Group’s global-top managers of semiconductor materials sector.
04 Why We Can-Organizational Capabilities to Help Change Society
           This section introduces the Group’s human resource strategies, efforts to manage environmental issues, climate change, and safety issue, and measures to enhance governance and compliance.  It reports round-table discussion with an outside Director about reform process of the Board of Directors.  Regarding human capital management, this section also introduces measures related to four material human resources issues.

Webpage describing the Group’s sustainability strategy:


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