Be Co-creative, and Let’s Achieve Reform Together

—President Takahashi sends message at the first company entrance ceremony of Resonac —

April 03, 2023
Resonac Holdings Corporation

On April 3, 2023, Resonac Corporation (President & CEO: Hidehito Takahashi) had the first company entrance ceremony since its establishment.  Resonac has defined its Purpose (the reason for the existence) as “Change society through the power of chemistry,” and aims to create value through co-creative work inside and outside the company.  President Takahashi sent newly-hired employees a message: “While strategy is becoming a commodity, competent persons will be the differentiating factor.  I would like to bring you up to be co-creative talent.  I am looking forward to seeing energetic activities of you all.”

Outline of message from Hidehito Takahashi, President & CEO

Welcome to Resonac!  I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for becoming the first new employees of Resonac established in January 2023.  Recently, industrial structure of the global community has been changing rapidly, and the speed of this change continues accelerating.  In addition, industrial problems are becoming too complex and too great to be solved by a single company independently.  To tackle these problems, Resonac aims to become a co-creative chemical company which solves these problems together with diverse talent.


As CEO of the Resonac Group, I have been striving to maximize Resonac’s corporate value.  I think corporate value is an indicator of the scale of expectations for a company and is formulated through multiplication of corporate strategy, each employee’s capability, and the company’s organizational culture.  Now Resonac has a corporate strategy to position its semiconductor and electronic material business as the growth driver of the company, and concentrate its investment into this business because we expect semiconductor and electronic material business will be the field where Japan can remain undefeated.  Development of new functions requires co-creation, which is a process to harmonize diverse ideas and technologies.  Co-creation requires “co-creative talent” who behave autonomously and creatively.  Therefore, we promote human resource development.  In addition to development of each person’s capabilities, we implement various programs to cultivate organizational culture that accepts various talent.


In this context, my ultimate mission is to raise co-creative talent.  While strategy is becoming a commodity, competent persons who can execute strategy will be the differentiating factor.  I would like to bring up each of you to be a “co-creative talent” who takes actions autonomously and beyond boundaries of organizations as a professional.  I request you to take actions based on Four Values of the Resonac Group, “Passionate & Results-Driven,” “Open Minds & Open Connections,” “Agile & Flexible,” “Solid Vison & Solid Integrity,” thereby overcoming various difficulties you will face in the future.


You are the true leaders who change society and drive this company.  Be co-creative, and let’s achieve reform together.

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