Resonac Wins the Grand Prix at NIKKEI Integrated Report Award 2022

— “Message from the top management” in our report obtained full marks in the screening process of the Award —

March 08, 2023
Resonac Holdings Corporation

The Integrated Report of Resonac Holdings Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi) for 2022 published by then Showa Denko K.K. under the title “Showa Denko Report 2022” has received the Grand Prix at “NIKKEI Integrated Report Award 2022” presented by Nikkei Inc., which publishes the most prestigious Japanese business newspaper “Nihon Keizai Shimbun.”

Resonac publishes its integrated report with hope that the Company’s stakeholders will gain better understanding of our journey in pursuit of value creation which we have started from our Purpose, namely “Change society through the power of chemistry .” We published SHOWA DENKO Report 2022 under a key concept of “a new start: -moving as one-, the newly integrated company goes into action under the leadership of new President & CEO Takahashi,” aiming to inform our stakeholders about unification of the management team that we implemented in January 2022 and changes we made in the newly integrated company before the integration of legal personalities of the two companies in January 2023.

This time, regarding the examination item of “message from the top management,”* our integrated report obtained full marks from all judges in the first stage of the screening process of the Award because the judges placed high value on President Takahashi’s strong determination to unite corporate cultures of the two companies and develop human resources with all his strength. In the review of the screening process, judges commented on our integrated report, “The report dispatched a concept of ‘Co-creative Chemical Company’ as a model of value creator, and put this concept into the company’s value creation process and long-term management plan. Contents of the report preserves continuity and are easy to understand.” “The report is very good because it not only identifies materialities but also has a structure which makes it easy for readers to imagine the process to cope with materialities and develop non-financial key performance indicators.” “In the company, CXOs facilitate cross-departmental cooperation and Business Headquarters/Units function as vertical shafts, thereby collaborating with each other. Thus, all contents of the report show inclusiveness of the company’s strategy and high quality of the management.”

*The Award’s examination items consist of 10 items including “Message from the top management,” “Description of corporate philosophy aimed at realizing creation of corporate values (purpose, mission, culture, value, vision, etc.),” “Extraction of the company’s inherent materialities and presentation of value creation process taking time frames (short, medium, and long terms) into account,” “Calm analysis of the company’s management resources (various management capitals) description of medium- to long-term management targets and strategy (including reforms in business models),” etc.


Pages of "Message from the President and CEO"Pages of "Message from the President and CEO"

Pages of “Message from the President and CEO”

We will improve and enrich our integrated report further, aiming to gain stakeholders’ better understanding of and trust in the Group’s business activities. Furthermore, the Resonac Group will continue aiming to become a “co-creative chemical company” that contributes to creation of better society by making the Group your first choice for the partnership to work together with deepened cooperation.

You can access “SHOWA DENKO Report 2022” from here, or the following URL.

[About “NIKKEI Integrated Report Award]
In 1998, NIKKEI Inc. started to sponsor “NIKKEI Annual Report Award,” aiming to promote enrichment and spread of Japanese companies’ annual reports. From the cycle to commend reports published in 2021, NIKKEI renamed the Award as “NIKKEI Integrated Report Award” and expanded the scale of it. This time is the second year after the renaming, and 387 companies applied for entry into the competition. The Grands Prix were awarded to three companies including Resonac Holdings Corporation. Grand Prix E was awarded to one company. Grand Prix S was awarded to one company. Grand Prix G was awarded to one company. Semi-Grands Prix were awarded to 6 companies. The Rookie of the Year Award was awarded to one company. Jury’s Special Award was awarded to one company. And Merit Awards were awarded to 41 companies. Commendation ceremony will be held on March 16, 2023.
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