Resonac Joins Enthought’s Materials Informatics Acceleration Program

-Enhancing skill development of Resonac’s data scientists-

February 09, 2023

Resonac Corporation (President: Hidehito Takahashi) will promote a partnership with Enthought, Inc., a U.S. startup company that supports the digital transformation of its partners. Resonac will strengthen its data scientists' capabilities in developing MI (Materials Informatics) analysis tools, platforms, and MLOps* (Machine Learning Operations) to accelerate materials development.

Through this partnership, Enthought's cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MI skills will be transferred to Resonac's young data scientists. Resonac will utilize the skills for distributing AI and MI applications throughout its material development departments.

Resonac will continue committing itself to utilizing computational science, AI, and MI, accelerating the materials development and pioneering in creating functions that meet the needs of the times, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of society through the power of chemistry.

This partnership was also introduced in Enthought’s news release.

*MLOps: The method and philosophy for integrating the development and operation of machine learning models. 
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