Showa Denko Starts to Ship Samples of 200mm SiC Epi-wafers

-Aiming to Contribute to Dissemination of SiC Power Semiconductors by Utilizing Single Crystal SiC Wafers of Its Own-

September 07, 2022
Showa Denko K.K.

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) (TOKYO: 4004) has started shipment of samples of SiC epitaxial wafers (SiC epi-wafers)※1 200mm (8 inches) in diameter, which are used mainly for SiC power semiconductors, as the first Japanese manufacturer to ship samples of 200mm SiC epi-wafers for external customers. SDK uses in-house manufactured single crystal SiC wafers for producing these samples.

SiC power semiconductor reduces power loss and emits less heat than conventional silicon-wafer-based power semiconductor, thereby conserving energy. Therefore, SiC power semiconductor market is rapidly expanding, especially in the fields of power devices for use in electric vehicles and renewable-energy-based power generation. SiC power semiconductor’s performance is greatly affected by the quality of SiC epi-wafer. Thus, it is necessary for SiC epi-wafer manufacturer to make the epi-wafer to have low density of surface defects and stable quality. At present, SiC power semiconductors are manufactured mainly from SiC epi-wafers 150mm (6 inches) in diameter. The larger the diameter of SiC epi-wafer becomes, the more pieces of SiC-power-semiconductor chips the manufacturers of power devices can produce. Therefore, device manufacturers expect that they can improve their productivity and reduce costs of devices by introducing SiC epi-wafers with diameters larger than conventional ones.

Aiming to respond to such a market need, SDK has accelerated development of 200mm SiC epi-wafer since 2021, and started this time to ship samples of SiC epi-wafer made from in-house manufactured single crystal SiC wafers. SDK already has the leading share in the global SiC epi-wafer market as an independent supplier.※2 SDK will aim to increase production volume of 200mm SiC epi-wafers further, establish stable production system for those wafers, and improve their quality by procuring SiC wafers from partner companies and developing products with in-house manufactured single crystal SiC wafers.

In addition, SDK has been promoting “The Project to Develop SiC Wafers Technology for Next-generation Green Power Semiconductors,” which is a part of “The Projects to Develop Wafers Technology for Next-generation Power Semiconductors,” and will continue conducting research and development activities which aim to develop SiC epi-wafers with a diameter of 200mm and reduce density of deficiencies by one digit or more by 2030.※3 “The Projects to Develop Wafers Technology for Next-generation Power Semiconductors” are hosted by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and set as a research and development target of “Next-generation Digital Infrastructure Construction Projects”※4 which are organized under the framework of “Green Innovation Fund Projects.” SDK will deepen its knowledge and know-how about enlargement of diameters of SiC epi-wafers, which made it possible for us to announce this news release, and will continue making effort to achieve the target of “The Project to Develop SiC Wafers Technology for Next-generation Green Power Semiconductors.”

The Showa Denko Group aims to be a “Co-Creative Chemical Company” and contribute to the sustainable development of global society. Under this vision, SDK positions its operation to produce SiC epitaxial wafers, which contributes to efficient use of energy, as a next-generation business, and will allocate much of our business resources. The Group will continue contributing to the spread of SiC power semiconductors by maintaining “Best in Class” as its motto and continuing provision of high-performance and highly-reliable products.

SiC epitaxial wafers
(from left to right,
150mm and 200mm in diameters)

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