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Frequently inquired products:  Abrasives(not CMP)  Alumina  Anode materials  Elastomer  Glycine  Graphite electrodes  MCL  N-vinylacetamide  Rigolac  Thermal conductive sheet

Dept. Major products Inquiry from Website
Electronics Business Headquarters Semiconductor rerated materials (CMP slurry) Inquiry form
Electronics Business Headquarters Semiconductor rerated materials (Packaging materials)
Packaging Materials Business Unit Display and sensor related materials
Packaging Materials Business Unit Functional films
Photosensitive Materials Business Unit Photosensitive materials for PWBs
Laminate Materials Business Unit Laminate materials for PWBs
Specialty Gases Department High-purity gases
Specialty Gas Equipment Group Gases abatement system
Solfine Department Chemicals for semi/FPD
Hard Disk Business Unit Hard disc Inquiry form
Device Solutions Business Unit SiC Wafter technology Inquiry form
Device Solutions Business Unit LED Inquiry form
Electronic Functonal Materials Project ESPACER Inquiry form
Plastic Components Business Unit Interior/exterior molded parts
Unit Components Business Unit Molded parts, sheet
Advanced Functional Materials Business Unit Disc pad
Powder Metal Products Business Unit Powder Metal Products
Energy Storage and Tribology Materials Business Unit Carbon materials, Anode materials
Polymer Materials Business Unit Resin materials, Adhesives, Tapes
Polymer Materials Business Unit Electrical Insulating Materials
Emulsion Group Emulsion
Composite Materials Group Unsaturated polyester resins
Personal Care Group Ascorbic acid, Amino acids
Functional Materials Group Intermediates, UV curable acrylate monomer
Separation & Refining Materials Group(Shodex) Separation & Refining Materials(Shodex)
Separation & Refining Materials Group(Autoprep) Separation & Refining Materials(Autoprep)
Separation & Refining Materials Group(CMI) Separation & Refining Materials(CIM)
New Product Project Poly-N-vinyl acetamide
Abrasives & Refractory Sales Group Abrasives, Polishing materials, SHOTECS
HD / Glass Polishing Group, Functional Product Group Abrasives, Polishing materials
Electrical Material Filler Group Alumina(roundish)
Mechatronics Materials & Components Marketing Department Basic materials for resale, construction & conventional use
Automotive Materials & Components Marketing Department Automotive component materials
Olefins Department Ethylene, Propylene
Organic Chemicals Department Acetaldehyde, Acetic acid, Vinyl acetate
Industrial Gases Department Industrial Gases
Ammonia Group Ammonia, ECOANN
Inorganic Chemicals Group Soda, acid
AN & Organic Chemicals Group Glycine, EDTA
Elastomer Group Elastomer
Graphite Business Unit Graphite electrodes
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