WITH UNSUNG LEADERS   -Stories of behind-the-scenes leaders who take on challenges for a better future-

Let’s explore the connections with fellow workers who aspire to change society

January 01, 2023

On January 1, 2023, Showa Denko transformed into Resonac.

The transformation into Resonac was beyond a simple change in company name. Prior to this, the company also adopted the new purpose of “Change society through the power of chemistry.”

Resonac set this purpose with an attitude of strong determination. Through its corporate activities, Resonac not only aims to enhance the convenience and economic efficiency of today’s society, but also strives to promote safety, security, and people’s emotional well-being in the future. We are resolved to provide enriched values that contribute to the global environment and people’s happiness.

Meanwhile, we are faced with increasingly diverse and complex challenges. Finding solutions to problems is becoming harder, even though many need quick resolution. To address difficult, urgent problems, Resonac employs an approach that makes use of its broad material technology platform, spanning from midstream to downstream of the chemical industry.

This does not mean it is easy to improve the global environment while realizing people’s happiness. Is it only prominent, special people who take on these challenges, striving earnestly to change society and taking action? There must be countless people behind the scenes endeavoring to build a better society with new ideas, technologies or services. We have many such people in Resonac, and you are probably one of them.

We believe these unknown leaders making strenuous efforts to overcome pressing challenges have the potential to shape the future, and we call them “unsung leaders.”

What if people making hidden efforts and undertakings joined together? Each person’s effort or undertaking might be small, but the combination of their knowledge and skills could create a powerful force to overcome seemingly impossible barriers. Resonac aims to work with unsung leaders who pursue common goals, regardless of company, industry, country or region, to generate unexpected chemical reactions that can create a better society.

To pursue these goals, Resonac adopted the communication concept of “With Unsung Leaders” as it made a fresh start in January 2023. Our “With Unsung Leaders” website provides stories of the undertakings of unsung leaders inside and outside the company. By casting light on the unsung leaders’ passion and pride, we hope to encourage their ventures, expand the circle of sympathy, and connect people further.

Resonac will pursue the unexplored power of chemistry and move forward with these unsung leaders, believing we can create a better future by moving toward goals that cannot be achieved by individuals alone.

“WITH UNSUNG LEADERS” Editorial Department