Basic Procurement Policy

In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through its procurement operations, the Resonac Group conducts procurement activities in consideration of not only the quality and safety of products, but also the environment, resources, human rights, and compliance, looking at the entire supply chain. For implementation and development of the above activities, we will promote various initiatives in cooperation with our business partners, based on the following basic principles.

Promotion of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

In order to build and maintain appropriate relations with all stakeholders through its business, the Resonac Group formulates its management philosophy, policy and other rules, and takes initiatives to realize them throughout the entire Group. We also establish and promote systems to clarify the mechanism of decision-making in management and to check whether corporate activities are being conducted appropriately.

Responsible Care (RC) activities

Throughout the life cycle of products, namely, from development through manufacturing, distribution, use, and final consumption to disposal and recycling, the Resonac Group conducts Responsible Care (RC) activities, announces the results of its RC activities, and has dialogues and communicates with society.

Optimal transactions

The Resonac Group selects the most suitable suppliers after comprehensively examining such factors as product quality, price, delivery, reliability of the management, safety, services, technological capability, and efforts for the environment and social responsibility.


In selecting its suppliers, the Resonac Group adopts an open-door policy and provides a fair and equitable opportunity for participation, irrespective of nationality, past records of transactions, or affiliation to corporate groups. We also promote communication and value mutual understanding and trust with our suppliers in order to build close and fair cooperative relationships.