Technological progress has enriched our lives from the perspective
of physical belongings. However, the price for this progress has been
paid by the global environment, which is currently in a state of crisis.
Society is thus now faced with the pressing task of finding a way to
continue to progress while protecting the environment. Chemistry is
a building block of all industries, and the chemical industry therefore has
the potential to help find a solution to the dilemma through co-creation
with a range of stakeholders.
The power of chemistry can indeed cast light on the fundamental changes
that need to be made, but this light may also cast a shadow. Our goal is to
use chemistry to ensure that future generations can find happiness in a healthy
global environment. Accomplishing this goal will require us to predict and
create the technologies and functions required of the times before they arise,
and to use the power of chemistry in a responsible manner.
Our foundation remains our wide range of cutting-edge functional materials
technologies, which encompass areas spanning from midstream to downstream
sectors. We will leverage this solid base to ascertain the roots of today’s
challenges and take the initiative in finding new solutions. To achieve this
objective, we will think beyond the conventional boundaries of our individual
business activities.
We are committed to co-creating a better society together with stakeholders who
share our ideals, ranging from consumers to industry leaders, and to accumulating
the strength expected of a global company as well as acting and making decisions
in an agile and flexible manner. As a “Co-creative Chemical Company,” Resonac
will “Change society through the power of chemistry.”

Aiming to be a Co-creative
Chemical Company

Building a Hub for Diverse Participants to Collaborate and Create Value

With the aim of becoming a co-creative chemical company, Resonac will work together with internal and external stakeholders and communities that share the same ideals with us for building a better society. To achieve this goal, we have established various facilities conducive to co-creation that cater to different purposes.

Addressing challenging
social issues via long-term R&D
Stage of Co-creation Yokohama City

The Stage for Co-creation serves as a center for research that aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by connecting Resonac’s diverse technologies. Together with our partners in co-creation, we are making challenge to develop key technologies for realization of a sustainable society in such fields as plastic recycling and development of materials for next-generation high-speed communications equipment.

Hub for cutting-edge semiconductor development
with participants from all over Japan
Solution Center
Kawasaki City

The Packaging Solution Center is an open innovation facility where semiconductor material makers and semiconductor manufacturing device makers gather together from all over Japan to work on the development of advanced semiconductor packaging materials and semiconductor manufacturing processes. An environment facilitating speedy and nimble development has been established through the introduction of a large number of leading-edge semiconductor packaging devices and the reproduction of an integrated line for prototyping and evaluation of advanced semiconductor packaging.

A communication space that generates
the seeds of co-creation
Innovation center Marunouchi, Tokyo

The Innovation Center combines meeting spaces that promote creative thinking with a space featuring interactive exhibits highlighting Resonac’s core technologies. The Center aims to generate the seeds of co-creation in collaboration with all stakeholders – not only our customers, but also device manufacturers, research institutes and even industry peers.