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NVA™ monomer

N-Vinylacetamide (NVA™ monomer), a nonionic monomer, is soluble in water and various organic solvents, and thus it is polymerizable by a process that can be selected from among various radical polymerization processes depending on the objective. Copolymers of NVA™ monomers can exhibit practical characteristics in addition to those common with the existing hydrophilic polymers.

Fig. Characteristics of NVA™ monomer

Chemical Formula C4H7NO
Molecular Weight 85.10
CAS No. 5202-78-8
TSCA Inventory
REACH Pre-registration Settled

Physical properties

apperance white solid
Melting point 54deg.C
Boiling point 96deg.C (10mmHg)
Specific gravity                            1.05 (20deg.C, solids) / 0.946 (55deg.C, liquids)
Flashing point 108deg.C (closed chamber)

  Solubility for various solvents and monomers
  Solubility of NVA™ monomer in various solvents and vinyl monomers.


  • NVA™ aqueous solution is unstable in the presence od acidic condition.

  • NVA™ monomer decomposes to generate acetaldehyde and acetamide.

  • NVA™ monomer must be stored away from moisture.


  • Carefully read SDS(safety data sheet) issued by Resonac Corporation. before handling or storing.

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white solid

Cautions for storage

A cool, dark place storage in the dry state in a sealed container



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