Low-soda Alumina

Major Application

Thermally conductive filler materials

About the product

Low-soda alumina  AL series is α-alumina which has reduced soda content, controlled by our proprietary technology. The AL series has several ultimate crystal sizes, shapes, and particle size distributions in production. Extra fine alumina particles are used as an ingredient in resins alongside coarse ingredients.

Main Applications

  1. 1. Filler for heat sink sheet, filler for heat dissipation board (MC board), heat dissipating grease, phase change sheet
  2. 2. Filler for semiconductor sealing resin
  3. 3. Silicone-based heat dissipating adhesive, filler for compound

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White powder


Cautions for storage

Avoid exposure to water.



25kg paper bag, 1T bag, etc.


CAS Reg#


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