Resonac, No.1 semiconductor back-end process materials

Resonac is a function chemical company that integrated Showa Denko and Showa Denko Materials (former Hitachi Chemical) in January 2023. Semiconductor and electronic materials currently account for more than 30% of Resonac Group's sales among its lineup of chemical products, and are expected to achieve the highest operating income by segment. Resonac Group is leading the way in the field of back-end materials.

Global No.1 Manufacturer of Semiconductor Back-end Materials

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Sales of Semiconductor Back-end Process Materials


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Resonac group has global top level share materials for semiconductor.

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Pioneering the Next Cutting Edge Semiconductors

With finer-pitch patterns in the front-end process reaching their limits in terms of technology and cost, companies around the world are focusing their efforts on technological innovations in the back-end process.

There is a limit to what one company can do to meet today’s rapidly accelerating pace of technological innovation. As a pioneer of the next cutting edge semiconductors, the Resonac Group has established an open innovation center to co-create with other firms with the aim of becoming a one-stop partner speedily providing highly reliable materials.

Packaging Solution Center

The Packaging Solution Center was established in 2018 in Kawasaki City, Japan, as a research and development hub for semiconductor back-end process technology. To create cutting-edge technologies for increasingly advanced, complex semiconductor packages, including memories, servers, autonomous vehicles, and other applications, the facility comprehensively assesses the back-end manufacturing process to enhance material functionality and offer greater value to our clients.


JOINT2 is a co-creation consortium consisting of 13 Japanese semiconductor materials, devices, and substrates manufacturers, including the Resonac Group. The consortium aims to help resolve technical issues involving the next-generation semiconductor packages required for 5G and post-5G networks by utilizing evaluation platforms to develop evaluation technologies, substrates, materials, and devices.

  • * Project funded by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Research and Development Project of the Enhanced Infrastructures for Post-5G Information and Communication Systems. (JPNP20017)

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