Moving on from an age in which we knew how to “succeed”,
we have entered an era where no clear
“roadmap to success” is available.
We must explore and discover the path to growth
and success on our own.
Our company’s mission is to generate significant value
that will “change society through the power of chemistry”
by sparking various chain reactions
within and outside the organization.
That is what becoming a “Co-creative Chemical Company” is all about.
We provide a setting where you can connect
with a diverse group of peers,
where you can envision your own career,
and where each one of you can unleash your unique potential.
Our first step in facilitating chain reaction is
to create opportunities for each
and every one of you to build your own career.
Surprise yourself,
and enjoy navigating your own career journey.


Our New Style

Our Before-and-After

In these fast-evolving, unpredictable times, we need to adopt a new attitude or “style”. To help each individual unleash their potential, we produced a Style Book to serve as your guide when making choices or decisions.
Note: To view the Style Book as a full-page PDF, click on or tap the front page.