WelQuick for base material connection in Roll to Roll process

Flexible materials, such as FPCs (Flexible Printed Circuits) and lead frames, are spliced in roll-to-roll manufacturing for continuous production. This process is complicated and there are concerns about contamination.
To approach this issue, we propose a solution using WelQuick, a non-tacky adhesive film. This film supports automation of the splicing process because it bonds materials in a few seconds and simplifies procedures. It also has heat-resistance and chemical-resistance, thus reducing the possibility of contamination, corresponding to cost and waste reduction.


This video (1 min) shows how to use and the benefits of WelQuick for splicing materials in roll-to-roll manufacturing.

The splicing process is simplified and can be automated.
An adhesive film with a stable chemical structure reduces the risk of contaminating the production line.

Adhesive tape, such as double-sided tape, is used to splice materials; but this process is complicated and requires manual labor.
There are also concerns about adhesive elution, absorption of chemicals into the adhesive layer, and outgassing when using these tapes.

WelQuick, a non-tacky thermoplastic film, offers strong bonding simply by putting it on the material and heating. In addition, the brief bonding time and easy handling facilitate automation.
WelQuick with a stable chemical structure has high chemical- and heat-resistance, and enables low outgassing and VOC-free splicing with little concern for production line contamination.

Roll-to-roll splicing with WelQuick

Roll-to-roll splicing with WelQuick

Benefits of splicing with WelQuick

Easy to handle

By utilizing the phase change (solid ⇔ liquid) of the film, materials are spliced in only a few seconds by simply placing and heating them. The bonding position is also easier to manage because strict positional control is not required. Furthermore, because the film is non-tacky before heating, handling is simple and automation can be considered. Please contact us for details.

Roll-to-roll splicing with WelQuick

Roll-to-roll splicing with WelQuick

Prevents production line contamination

WelQuick has a stable chemical structure that provides excellent chemical- and heat-resistance. There is little possibility of solvent-bleeding and outgassing under a 100°C environment; this is a VOC-free adhesive, and as such functions with less concern for production line contamination.


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Please refer to the technical leaflet for specific data on WelQuick's chemical-resistance and features when splicing flexible materials in roll-to-roll manufacturing.

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