HS Series(Film)

Die Bonding Film

About the product

HS Series are die bonding films, necessary for high performance packages such as stacked MCP and BGA. The uniform die bonding layer can be obtained by a simple laminating process.


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  • Excellent stress reduction by low elastic modulus.
  • Excellent gap filling capability of substrate.
  • Applicable for thicker film.


Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit HS-260 HS-270 Test method
Thickness μm 20, 25 10, 20, 25
Die bonding condition Temp. ºC 120~160 120~160
Load MPa 0.04 0.04
Tensile modulus (25ºC) MPa


1,000 DMA
Tg ºC 153 180 TMA
Die shear strength (260ºC) N/chip >100 >100 5x5mm chip

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