Sodium cyanide

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Decomposition by acid, hydrogen cyanide is created and used for plating. This is deadly poison, and is specified as a poison in the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law.


“grain”type, “ball” type.


97% or more


White crystalline powder, having deliquescence, dissolving in water, with a strong alkaline characteristic.


Plating bath chemical agent, ore floatation agent for ores, pigment (dark blue), carbonitriding, raw material for metal sequestering agent/medical, farming, and synthetic organic chemicals.

Associated Information


White grains, or balls. Deadly poison. Read the “Material Safety Data Sheet” well, and take great care in its handling.

Cautions for storage

Follow related regulations, and perform secure storage so that it is not lost or stolen. If it comes into contact with an acid, it will produce a deadly hydro-cyanic acid (hydrogen cyanide) gas. Never mix with acid. Store sealed in a dry, cool, and dark location.


20kg steel pail can Please ask if a larger packaging is required.

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