Karenz™ MOI (2-Methacryloyloxyethyl isocyanate)

About the product

  • Molecular weight : 155
  • CAS No.30674-80-7

Physical properties

Boiling Point 211deg-C
Freezing Point -45deg-C
Vapor Pressure 27Pa (25deg-C)


Appearance Clear, colorless or slightly yellowish liquid
Odor Pungent odor
Assay 97% min.


Acute(oral) Rat : LD50 670 to 2,000mg/kg
Acute (Inhalation) Rat LD50 25ppm/1hr

Regulatory information

Publication No. in Official Gazette (2)-3378 ; 2-(6)-1145
TSCA Listed in inventory
EINECS 250-284-7

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Inquiry of this product

Inquiry of this product